2023 Board of Trustees:

Chief: Ricky Tempesta
President: Cassie Jung
Vice President: Karen Blasi-Blinder
Second Vice President – Thomas Jung (new to position)
Treasurer: Jacqueline Lipson (incoming)
Secretary: Cory Meyer (incoming)
At Large Member (2025): Giselle Pineda (incoming)
At Large Member (2024): Michael Schumell
At Large Member (2023): Jenn Bachan

We thank outgoing Board Members for their Service:
Second VP: Sandy Bowman
Treasurer: Denise Scheerer
At Large Member (2022): Chris Tamburro

Operations 2023:
Chief 500 – Cassie Jung
Assistant Chief 501 – Karen Blasi-Blinder
Assistant Chief 502 – Connor McCann
Captain 503 – Ricky Tempesta
Day LT 510 – Ariella Dattelkramer
Day LT 511 – Giselle Pineda

Monday Night LT 521 – VACANT
Tuesday Night LT 522 – John Stephens
Wednesday Night LT 523 – Gavin Tremper
Thursday Night LT – Karen Blasi-Blinder
Friday Night LT – Leslie Pineda
Saturday Night LT 526 – Gesner Sinous
Sunday Night LT – Tom Jung


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