Spring Standby Season

Spring is here and it is our busiest time for Standbys. For certain events, we may place one or more ambulances at a public event to provide for a quick response if there is an injury or illness. We stand by at events like Concerts in the Civic Center, or fundraising walks in Verona Park, High School sports events, or graduations, etc.

At most standbys, you are welcome to tour the ambulance, talk with our volunteers, and get literature and freebies, but be aware that we are there to protect public health and safety so we might have to move with short notice. Never block an ambulance at a standby.

If your organization is holding a public event, you may request a standby ambulance. We may or may not provide an ambulance based on the expected crowd size, the riskiness of the event, and other things going on in town. A 5k foot race might pose more risks than a twilight concert on the lawn, but if it’s 100 degrees out, even the concert can result in a call. For more information about standbys, email Tom at tjung@veronars.org.

Author: Thomas Jung