Crew Training Schedule

Schedule for training for the week
May 19 BVM with PEEP valve
May 26 Writing call narratives(all members)
June 2 Sling and swathe
June 9 Burn kit/maternity kit
June 16 Ambulance control modules, troubleshooting, emergency door unlocking
June 23 Mobile and portable radios – VHF, NJICS; Radio etiquette
June 30 On-board and Portable Suction
July 7 Pedi-Mate setup on both Stryker and Ferno stretchers
July 14 Scoop stretcher
July 21 On-board oxygen replacement, troubleshooting, wall ports, and ceiling ports
July 28 Bleeding control
August 4 Stair chair – both Stryker and Ferno
August 11 Long-bone Splinting methods (with exception of SAM splint)
August 18 SAM Splinting
August 25 Reeves Sleeve
September 1 Stryker stretcher troubleshooting
September 8 Oral and Nasal Airways
September 15 Bag valve masks and PEEP valves
September 22 Fuel depot, jumpstarting ambulances
September 29 Pit-crew CPR on scene – no device
October 6 Splinting for dislocated shoulders, broken clavicles
October 13 Lung sounds
October 20 Truama Center critera / fly v. drive criteria
October 27 Pit-crew CPR on scene – with device
November 3 Full body substance isolation
November 10 Firefighter rehabilitation
November 17 Using pupils, temperature, moisture, etc., as vital signs
November 24 Motor vehicle accident saftey
December 1 CPR in moving ambulance
December 8 Documentation review and QA/QI
December 15 N-95 Respirators
December 22 Medication review – ASA, Narcan, Epi
December 29 Medication review – ASA, Narcan, Epi
START Triage
Simple pharmacology
Giving reports to ALS
Giving reports to hospital
When to keep / cancel ALS
Rapid trauma assessment
stroke and neurological asesssment
Childbirth review
Addressing psychiatric patients
Mutual aid considerations
Mobilization / county request protocols
Simple ICS review
Stand-by operations protocols
Snow chains / operations
Cleaning and disinfecting equipment
Changing portable oxygen bottles
Pulse oximetry
Jump-kit scavenger hunt
Scene safety
Pet oxygen masks

Author: Thomas Jung